Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nana and Poppy's!!!

Hello everyone!
We are at our grandparent's house in Ocean Park for the week while they are on vacation! We have had a lot of fun so far. We went out to dinner, we went bowling and we went on some walks and we went to the beach which is just down the road! Today, some people from church are coming for a beach day and we will have some pictures! Then, we are going to go miniature golfing, and another night shuffle-boarding!! We'll post pictures soon!  For now, here are some pictures of the fun we had last week at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth! We went to Two Lights, another beach, and Kettle Cove while Emma was at baking camp. It was really fun!! Enjoy your week!

Don't you LOVE our poses???

Mom just HAD to get pictures with the lighthouse
in the background.

This one of Owen is so cute, we wanted
to post it.

And there were some really cool rocks to sit on and
a rock chair!

Thanks for looking at our blog!

Ethan & Aaron

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