Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I helped with the cemetery!

 Hello! Emma here. I am just posting a few pictures of what Aaron has been helping us do these days. Well, there is a graveyard down the road and it was in horrible shape! (hadn't been taken care of since 1907!!) So, you can guess what it looked like. Bushes and thorns all over the place and big stones and leaves and litter and branches from trees, etc. So, Nana and Poppy came over and we, (Poppy, Aaron, Anna and I) turned it from nasty looking graveyard,  to this! It was a lot of work. (the whole afternoon to be exact) But it was fun seeing it 'transform' as it got cleaner and cleaner. The fence is in pretty bad shape as you can see in these first two pictures and Mom said we are not paying for it and that the town should pay for it and I, (Emma) am trying to think of a way to raise money to get the fence fixed. Any suggestions? Anyway, I'll be back soon with a birthday card that Aaron made for Mom. (He did pretty good!)

Thanks for looking at my, (aaron's) blog!

Assistant: Emma.