Friday, August 24, 2012

Ahoy There!

Isn't the sick little whale cute?:)
Here is a close up!

Hello! Emma here with a card that Aaron made for our cousin's first birthday! He used this adorable whale image and then had Mom help him to use some dies for the cute little pattern he did! He colored it all by himself and put the little rhind-stones on. Oh, and he would like to let you know that 'the whale has spots because he is a sick whale':)

Thanks for looking  at my blog!

Assistant Emma.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nana and Poppy's!!!

Hello everyone!
We are at our grandparent's house in Ocean Park for the week while they are on vacation! We have had a lot of fun so far. We went out to dinner, we went bowling and we went on some walks and we went to the beach which is just down the road! Today, some people from church are coming for a beach day and we will have some pictures! Then, we are going to go miniature golfing, and another night shuffle-boarding!! We'll post pictures soon!  For now, here are some pictures of the fun we had last week at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth! We went to Two Lights, another beach, and Kettle Cove while Emma was at baking camp. It was really fun!! Enjoy your week!

Don't you LOVE our poses???

Mom just HAD to get pictures with the lighthouse
in the background.

This one of Owen is so cute, we wanted
to post it.

And there were some really cool rocks to sit on and
a rock chair!

Thanks for looking at our blog!

Ethan & Aaron

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Blog Design!

Hope you are all enjoying this nice weather we are having, even if it is kind of hot. We went to the lake on Wednesday and then to the beach on Thursday! The water was really warm at the beach. Anyway, we are getting a new blog design by Emma from Yours Truly Blog Designs!! It's going to be out-doors-y themed. And here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately. Enjoy!
Ethan turned 7 in March. Here, he is trying on his
new cowboy hat and striking a pose.

Then Aaron turned 5 in May.
This is what he wanted:
A cup, a box for his money and
ball. I have no idea where he got that
list from.

Then, it was time for bridle wreath pictures. Ethan had
just lost his 2 front teeth and he wouldn't stop being silly!

That is the natural Aaron face. He doesn't like
sitting for pictures!
And then there was the goat petting zoo and these 2 baby
goats were there who were just born last night!
Aren't they SO cute?

Then, we went to York Wild Animal Kingdom!! (more pictures
coming) In case you don't know, that thing in the bowl
is a toad. Uh-huh.

We'll be back later with some more pictures from Animal Kingdom and some from the lake and beach!

Thanks for looking at our blog!

Ethan & Aaron
Assistant: Emma.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's Us-Ethan & Aaron!

Hello! (Emma here) There is going  to be some changes around here:) Well, Ethan made a card for an example on our challenge blog and he wanted to post it but he didn't have a blog. So instead of making a whole new blog, Ethan and Aaron will be sharing this blog. Here is Ethan's card using Easter Chick from Softpencil Studios. The boys will be back soon with a post all about our Easter fun:)

Thanks for looking at our blog!

Ethan & Aaron

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I helped with the cemetery!

 Hello! Emma here. I am just posting a few pictures of what Aaron has been helping us do these days. Well, there is a graveyard down the road and it was in horrible shape! (hadn't been taken care of since 1907!!) So, you can guess what it looked like. Bushes and thorns all over the place and big stones and leaves and litter and branches from trees, etc. So, Nana and Poppy came over and we, (Poppy, Aaron, Anna and I) turned it from nasty looking graveyard,  to this! It was a lot of work. (the whole afternoon to be exact) But it was fun seeing it 'transform' as it got cleaner and cleaner. The fence is in pretty bad shape as you can see in these first two pictures and Mom said we are not paying for it and that the town should pay for it and I, (Emma) am trying to think of a way to raise money to get the fence fixed. Any suggestions? Anyway, I'll be back soon with a birthday card that Aaron made for Mom. (He did pretty good!)

Thanks for looking at my, (aaron's) blog!

Assistant: Emma.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!

 Hello! I am back with a card as promised! Emma helped me color some of it and she put the card together but I colored most of it and I picked out the paper and the heart and the flowers. Sorry about the bad picture. I took it myself and it's a little blurry but you can see what the card is and then Emma took a close up of the image so you can see it. I made this card for my cousin Jillian. She is turning 8 today and Anna is invited to her sleepover party. Anna is just a little bit older than Jillian. I used fuzz for the bunny. I love fuzz!

Thanks for looking at my blog!



Hello! My name is Aaron and I am almost 5 years old. I like to make cards with my mom and sometimes, my big sisters Anna and Emma help me. My blog is not finished yet. Mom and Emma have to fix the profile and put on my picture instead of Mom's. Here is a picture of me until we get it fixed. I also have an older brother Ethan and a baby brother Owen. I like to shoot our BB gun and bow & arrows with Ethan and Daddy and I like to do my school workbook every day. I am not very good at making cards yet but I am going to keep making cards so that I can get better and better. I will be back soon with a card.